Ciabatta Heaven

This is what a foodgasm looks like:

fooddd 004

She is a butternut squash, wilted spinach, butter sauteed onions & mushrooms, eggs, and cucumber sandwich. She was assisted, for the benefit of my stomach, with  kettle sea salt chips (cooked in canola oil, if you are interested in knowing those sorts of specifics.

I had a blasting putting together and eating this glorious meal…


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Hair, Skin, & Body

Mashup of Hair & Nails

blog 001

It’s been a while (exactly a month to be exact) since I’ve published a post here. So sorry, but I had a lot of heavy stuff going on in my life (and still do actually), that temporarily managed to put this happy place on hold for a little bit. Still managed to tweet (because, as you know, it takes two seconds to do) but everything in my life has been at a standstill. Hopefully, that will change…

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We Lost a Sister: Karyn Washington

Karyn Washington 

You may have heard that we recently lost a beloved humanitarian, activist, and a sister in Karyn Washington. She was dealt a lot of blows in life, with the loss of her mother and other private battles, and in the end it was….well she’s not here anymore. The loss has been devastating to all of us. Karyn was a woman who gave so much of herself in the interest of empowering black…

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